Here you will find what I have created at Michigan State University through various classes and personal projects I have worked on to better my skills in order to keep improving.

App. Prototype

A user experience. Created to showcase my Adobe XD skills. The Cheeky app gives users a beauty community experience, to explore knowledge and share it.


Designed using Adobe Illustrator

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro skills are shown in this short commercial about the issues of phone addiction in our society today.

Self Portrait

Created using Adobe Illustrator.

Learning how to illustrate oneself helped to gain knowledge of the program illustrator. What was learned from this project helped to create other projects.

Photo Edit

Created using Adobe Photoshop

Wine Ad

Created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

This design takes the already existing Chole Brand and illustrates their bottle and other elements for this poster to help promote the wine.

Building Design

Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

Xpiry Prototype

Designed using Adobe XD

Russian Doll

Created using Adobe Illustrator.